Proceeds to Benefit The Grube Family,
Navy SEAL Foundation and
Operation Once in a Lifetime.
Supporting Families of Fallen Service Members

About Devon

Devon Grube: Father, Husband, Son, Brother, Friend. 

Devon grew up in the small town of Cavalier, North Dakota. Little did he know at the time, growing up in this community would mold him into the hardened man he would need to become to take on the life and chosen path the Creator had laid out for him. Devon was always the center of attention from the time of birth and developed into the famed storyteller that loved-ones craved. He was a wild-free spirit and soul you don’t see often in humanity. A story is told by his mother, Kaye, of Devon scaling up the high board at the local swimming pool and jumping into the deep end at the young age of two. This was the Devon we all grew to know as a community. This became his optic on life where there were no limitations, no boundaries and would become the blueprint to everything he did.

Devon graduated from Cavalier Public School in 2000 and from the University of North Dakota in 2004. Devon and his childhood friend, Tony Clark, chose to enlist in the Navy following the attacks on September 11, 2001. Upon completing Basic Training, Devon spent a year in Norfolk, VA on the USS Roosevelt as an Electrician’s Mate. He was accepted into Basic Underwater Demolition Training (BUD/S) and graduated with Class 267 in August 2008, where he received the distinctive recognition as Honor Man. After graduation, Devon was sent to SEAL Team Eight where he deployed to Afghanistan, Europe, and Africa. During his service he was highly sought after to mentor and train young SEALs in tactical shooting, stalking, ballistics, or just to talk about new rifles or bows.

While he was at BUD/S he met the love of his life, Margie. Margie and Devon were married on January 2, 2010. They made their home in Virginia Beach, VA. He was the most adoring husband and father to his wife and their three children Wyatt, Harper, and Hazel. Devon’s love for his family was larger than life. His passion for the outdoors was unmatched and was easily passed on to his son Wyatt. Some of their activities included fishing at Stumpy Lake 3-4 times a week, camping, bonfires and learning to shoot a bow. Even with all Devon’s time spent teaching Wyatt about how to be a man, he still found time to be with his two little girls, Harper and Hazel. He would do their hair and dance to “Let it Go,” bringing a smile to their faces. However, Devon’s one true love was his wife, Margie.

The mission of this operation and event is to benefit the Grube family, Navy SEAL Foundation and Operation Once in a Lifetime which supports families of Fallen Service Members. The event is created as a tribute memorial for Devon Grube, a highly-decorated US Navy SEAL who lost his life in December 2016.